The Continuing Saga of Roland Carnaby


The information in the case of the shooting death of Roland Carnaby  continues to trickle in.  According to the Houston Chronicle,

The Houston police officers involved in the shooting death of a man who claimed to have ties to federal law enforcement were disciplined for not trying to talk to the man before they approached his car after a high-speed chase earlier this year, according to the department’s investigation of the case. [1]

The same investigation determined that the shooting was justified, yet did reveal that the supervisor on the case had been discliplined previously for violently striking a prisoner.  

Carnaby was shot while reaching for his cell phone following a high speed chase.   He claimed to be a CIA agent, which was denied by HPD and the CIA, though unsealed documents show that he was questioned a few years back by Pearland Police on a case in which he identified himself as a federal agent.  In the investigation, Pearland Police called the FBI, who asked the Pearland department to drop the matter as they could vouch for Carnaby.  HPD fought to keep those records sealed in the civil case brought by Caranby’s widow against HPD.  Houston Police Chief Harold L. Hurtt, pictured with Carnaby above, capitulated on his initial statement that Caranby was not employeed by any agency, later stating that is was probable that Carnaby worked for the FBI as an informant.

It is difficult to sort out the facts in this case due to the vast amount of misinformation floating around the blogosphere.  The truth is out there, but it is obscured by the yarns of ex-intelligence operatives wanting to shed their light on the situation.   I have been following the story from the beginning, and the only conclusion that I have been able to come about Carnaby is that there has been a hidden hand controling the public narrative, and that hand doesn’t want us to know the truth.


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